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New Torque2D tutorial by MakingIndieGames

I just discovered MakingIndieGames, a site dedicated to in-depth tutorials on Torque2D development. MakingIndieGames not only shows you how to do things, but also explains why it is done in a certain way.
Recently, they released their latest Torque2D tutorial – Reflection Grid. For the very low price of $12.50 you get a very detailed PDF tutorial on a shooting game with Torque2D, and a working Demo with source codes. Continue reading New Torque2D tutorial by MakingIndieGames

web2.0 buttons and icons with inkscape

I’ve been tinkering with Inkscape lately, a free vector drawing tool, and I’m slowly getting more confident with it. I want the 3mension.com look to be up-to-date and web 2.0-ish, so I have to learn how to make those glossy icons with a hint of depth and reflection. I found some icon creation tutorials, and that’s what I’m wading through now.

I might not wait until these icons have been finalized to launch the site. After all, there hasn’t been anything tangible on the 3mension.com front I was able to show for far too long. I can blame the skiing holidays and some changed at my day-job for that, but that doesn’t change the outcome : nothing yet.


Much inspiration here, I’ll post samples as I finish them.