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ImpressCMS Trac migration to Sourceforge

After getting increasingly dissatisfied with the service from Codesion, ImpressCMS decided to switch to another provider. We had few requirements, and so we started searching for a solution based upon those:

  • free or affordable for our budgets
  • Subversion
  • Trac

We also thought of the possibility of doing the hosting ourselves, but that would mean an investment of time and effort, which would be unavailable for other tasks. Overall, we thought it was best to let specialized service providers handle that kind of non-core activity. Continue reading ImpressCMS Trac migration to Sourceforge

A Working Trac installation on Dreamhost

trac-dhIn this post, I’ll try to describe the steps I had to make to get a working Trac installation on Dreamhost. A few months back, Dreamhost started providing a one-click advanced installation package for trac 0.11.1 . With this package, you can get a working trac installation in a few simple steps. You can even use the Dreamhost panel to upgrade to the latest version, if a new release is made.

Trac is a very powerful package, but installing it (and getting it to work) on Dreamhost hasn’t been easy. Several shell scripts exist that provide a Trac installation, but they all need some manual tinkering.

In theory, the one-click installers at Dreamhost are just that : one click, and you have a ready-to-go setup. In the case of Trac, the installation you obtain by simply using the one-click install is not quite usable nor complete. Continue reading A Working Trac installation on Dreamhost

trac : Missing or Invalid form token

trac-dhProblem description

When installing a trac one-click setup package on Dreamhost, you might encounter the error “Missing or invalid form token. Do you have cookies enabled?”. This isn’t an error that is limited to Dreamhost installations, as I have seen it crop up a bit everywhere.

This is an error in the installation of your .htaccess file. The url rewrite rules are not available for the javascript files. That is (fortunately) quite easy to solve. Continue reading trac : Missing or Invalid form token