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using scp to upload to sourceforge to a path with spaces

The titles says it mostly, if you want to upload a file from a linux machine to the FRS on sourceforge, but you have spaces in your paths:

scp (file_to_upload) (my_user)@frs.sourceforge.net:”/home/frs/project/(project_name)/Path\ with\ spaces/”

Easy, really, if you know all the details to watch out for:

  • enclose the path (everything behind the column) in double quotes (“)
  • Escape each space in that path with a backslash (\)

If you don’t enclose the path with double quotes, you’ll get the following error message :

scp: ambiguous target

The following variables are used in the example:

  • (file_to_upload): the name and path of the file (if you’re not uploading from the folder the file is stored in) of the originating machine
  • (my_user) : your Sourceforge.net username
  • (project_name) : the path for your project. On sourceforge, sometimes you may need to add a few folders in front with the first and the first two letters of your project name : /p/pr/project

Bryce3d 7 open beta at Daz 3D

After the merger/takeover between Daz 3d and Gizmoz, many expressed their reservations that the combined companies would continue in the direction the Daz3d community was used to, and was expecting.

Some had doubts about the reason for the merger, specifically because it was indicated that the founder of daz3d would step down after the merger. That, according to them could be seen as a move that Gizmoz was calling the shots, and that Gizmoz only wanted to take over the Daz3d webshop. Continue reading Bryce3d 7 open beta at Daz 3D

Facebook Chat with Pidgin

Facebook LogoPidgin logoFacebook offers, just like Myspace in that regard, the ability to chat on their site. That’s a cool and easy way to keep in touch with your contacts as there is no software to install. However, once you start to chat quite regularly with your Facebook contacts, it becomes easy to forget to logon to facebook the moment you start up your pc.

Let’s introduce Pidgin, the multi-platform and multi-network instant messaging client. I call it multi-platform, as it works on Windows as well as UNIX-based systems such as Linux. Mac OS X support is provided by a separate tool based on the same foundations, called Adium. It supports many networks by using plugins : ICQ, AIM, Google Talk (Jabber XMPP), MSN, Novell Groupwise Chat, Skype and Gadu Gadu (a protocol very popular in Poland),  just to name a few of the most used. Pidgin was originally called ‘GAIM’, for Gnu AIM client. Some name disputes with AOL made the developers rename the project to Pidgin.

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Pidgin can be configured to startup when your operating system boots, so you are available for your Facebook contacts the moment your pc has finished its startup cycle. Pidgin has support for a multitude of different networks, and if you install an extra plugin, it’s also possible to get support for Facebook messaging. Under windows, just install the plugin, and you can add your Facebook network contacts like you would add Yahoo! Messenger or MSN or Google contacts.

Next time you start up your computer, your facebook contacts will automatically be able to chat with you even when you haven’t thought about checking on the website what they have been upto. Enjoy!

Gravatar in Thunderbird Mail

Some time ago, I generated a Gravatar for myself, a Globally Recognised Avatar. It’s simple, it has become free some time ago, and it’s easy. The idea behind Gravatar and its sidekicks is that you want to have something recognisable on the web, no matter in what forum or on what blog you are posting. On the internet, that’s done using an avatar: An image or a photo you choose to depict yourself. Without a similar service, using an avatar on multiple sites means registration on every site you want to post (which isn’t bad, mind you) , and uploading your chosen image to all of them.That’s not so hard, unless you start changing avatar image every few weeks or months (as many people do). Then you almost need an accountant to keep track of what you have been uploading where, and the fun is soon lost.

Enter Gravatar.com . A nice idea, that simply links an image to an e-mail address.

Continue reading Gravatar in Thunderbird Mail

Xara acquired by MAGIX

Xara has been acquired by Magix AG, a leading German software distributor for video and music applications. Xara, once distributed by Corel, has been in the news for its open source version of Xara Xtreme which was struggling to gain momentum, and then eventually stopped due to lack of developer interest.
It seems the acquisition by MAGIX will provide them with more funds to further development and to make distribution of their software easier.
MAGIX is distributor of MAGIX Music Maker and MAGIX Video Deluxe 2008.

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Caligari gameSpace group buy

Based upon the foundations of Caligari trueSpace, Caligari gameSpace aims to be a version of the popular 3D modeling tool that is aimed specifically towards game artists (as the name clearly implies). The gameSpace package contains a number of specific tools towards that end:

  • Polygon reducer
  • MAP export
  • First Person perspective modeling (model the level while walking around in it)
  • game-related import and export file format support.

The good news is that Caligari is organising a Group Buy. They gather as much people as possible, and the more people buy gameSpace, the lower the price will become.

Order Caligari gameSpace

Actually, the price stands at $129, and it could go all the way down to $99 if enough people step in. Considering the full price is $299, it’s actually quite a good bargain. Continue reading Caligari gameSpace group buy