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Thunderbird in 2010

Thunderbird has gotten some more visible momentum now that Thunderbird 3 has seen the light. Project lead David Asher has some more details on organisational topics for the year 2010:

  • field-testing new functionalities in plugins
  • New upgrade options for users coming from TB2
  • making the organisation financially sustainable on its own

Just like Matt, I would love to see an official Gravatar plugin this year.

An alternative to Messagefaces compatible with Thunderbird 3

MessageFaces Icon Some time ago, I found this cool plugin for Thunderbird (2.x at the time) : MessageFaces (or on Mozilla Addons). It made email conversations much less impersonal by showing images of the persons that I was having an email conversation with. The beauty of the system was that I didn’t have to do anything: images were gathered from gravatar.com, X-faces, or embedded PNG images.

Then Thunderbird 3 came along, and busted quite a bit of plugins. Sadly for me, both MessageFaces and Lightning, the calendar plugin, ceased to work. Lees verder An alternative to Messagefaces compatible with Thunderbird 3