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Use Ajax Redirect in ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS introduced a AJAX-based redirect system in series 1.2, which makes your site much quicker to work with. By using this redirect system, notifications and confirmation messages (E.g. ‘Thank you for logging in’) don’t show on a new page any more, but they are presented to the user on a text bubble that is loaded dynamically while the user remains on the same page.

Currently, not that many themes are created that provide this, and you need to explicitly enable it before the functionality becomes available. I’ll explain here the two simple steps you in adding this to your site.

ATTENTION: It has been noted to me that this technique is not needed, as ImpressCMS automatically includes the javascript code required into the <head> section of the page. All that remains to be done then is to enable the Ajax redirect in the settings (STEP 2) Continue reading Use Ajax Redirect in ImpressCMS

Should We Upgrade ImpressCMS Core to jQuery 1.4?

Recently, jQuery 1.4 was released, with a maintenance release 1.4.2 a few days ago. In a move comparable to what we are doing with ImpressCMS release 1.3, the jQuery developers chose the jQuery 1.4 release to be a release focused on speed and cleanup of the codebase. Mostly, just cleaning up the codebase results in quite some speed advancements, so those two efforts are frequently combined.

The changelog for this latest release of the Javascript library mentions performance improvements in many areas : CSS methods, Attributes and many of the most-used functions. However, the changelog also details some backward incompatible changes with previous versions. These incompatibilities can be countered by installing this specific plugin. Continue reading Should We Upgrade ImpressCMS Core to jQuery 1.4?