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Gravatar in Thunderbird Mail

Some time ago, I generated a Gravatar for myself, a Globally Recognised Avatar. It’s simple, it has become free some time ago, and it’s easy. The idea behind Gravatar and its sidekicks is that you want to have something recognisable on the web, no matter in what forum or on what blog you are posting. On the internet, that’s done using an avatar: An image or a photo you choose to depict yourself. Without a similar service, using an avatar on multiple sites means registration on every site you want to post (which isn’t bad, mind you) , and uploading your chosen image to all of them.That’s not so hard, unless you start changing avatar image every few weeks or months (as many people do). Then you almost need an accountant to keep track of what you have been uploading where, and the fun is soon lost.

Enter Gravatar.com . A nice idea, that simply links an image to an e-mail address.

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3mension : the first shy steps

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was considering starting up a website geared at game artists and game developers. After some deliberation over the name with a few friends, 3mension was chosen. In this era of everything having to be faster, sms-languages and turbospeak, I liked the combination of ‘3d’ and ‘dimension’.

Well, the name is chosen, the site is registered, and I even managed to get some kind of mailing list setup … euhm … well, set up. 🙂 There isn’t much yet, but the first steps are already working on my local pc. The ultimate goal is to have a nice little present to ease your hangovers on the second day of the year. But that depends on quite some things that I don’t control entirely (like free time, and the number of bugs I managed to squeeze into my php code).

At the moment, I’m still focusing on having a group of applications available on the web server that will allow me to open up a beta release. Before you mention it : no, I’m not Google. Even if it’s just very posh to release your web software as ‘beta’ nowadays, I believe in the process to root bugs out and to get invaluable feedback from different types of users.

Those interested in getting all the 3mension announcements as soon as they are published, please sign up on the website : www.3mension.com.