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Webmail : Google Mail getting updates

It has been discussed on many places, but since a month or so, GMail has received a new GUI. Nothing really earth shattering, if you ask me, but it shows that Google is taking the remarks serious. Most ‘industry watchers’ seem to think that this is one of the first steps in the process of getting GMail to be Google Gears compatible.

When you’re not sure about what Google Gears is, think of it as a dump of part of the internet on your machine, for those moments when you’re not connected to the ‘net. It is similar to Adobe AIR in many respects. These types of web services would be available everywhere, anytime, thus starting to make inroads in the turf of the desktop application market. Until now, that has been the major selling point for desktop applications : Microsoft engineers complaining “but what if you don’t have a network connection”?

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