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Divine Divinity comes back to life on Impulse

The guys at Larian really want all of us playing back the game that started it all : Divine Divinity. After the initial release on GOG, as I mentioned earlier, the game has how also been made available on Impulse.

Now is your time to choose: GOG delivers the games without DRM, and as such the price is at $9.99. Impulse requires you to download the impulse client (a bit like the steam client from Valve) and due to the fact that you have DRM involved, the price is Continue reading Divine Divinity comes back to life on Impulse

Indie Adventurers

And now for something totally different: adventure games. I’ve been introduced to computer gaming, like an entire generation, by the means of the adventure games made at that time by Sierra Inc and LucasArts. Many will have fond memories of The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and the likes.

Several different Adventure engines have seen the light of day, among which the most known are Sludge, MAD, AGS, The Wintermute Engine and Agast. Continue reading Indie Adventurers

Caligari gameSpace group buy

Based upon the foundations of Caligari trueSpace, Caligari gameSpace aims to be a version of the popular 3D modeling tool that is aimed specifically towards game artists (as the name clearly implies). The gameSpace package contains a number of specific tools towards that end:

  • Polygon reducer
  • MAP export
  • First Person perspective modeling (model the level while walking around in it)
  • game-related import and export file format support.

The good news is that Caligari is organising a Group Buy. They gather as much people as possible, and the more people buy gameSpace, the lower the price will become.

Order Caligari gameSpace

Actually, the price stands at $129, and it could go all the way down to $99 if enough people step in. Considering the full price is $299, it’s actually quite a good bargain. Continue reading Caligari gameSpace group buy