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New Unity 3D release with free license option

unityLogoAt the current Unite 09 conference, a new release of the Unity3D was announced, bringing it up to version 2.6. According to the website, this new version brings along  more than 100 enhancements in respect to the previous version.

The most notable thing, however, is the fact that the $200 Indie variant of the engine has disappeared. It has now been replaced with a free version and has been renamed to “Unity3d”.  The new version includes Continue reading New Unity 3D release with free license option

Garagegames releases TGEA 1.8.2 and Torque3D 1.0.1

Torque Powered
Torque Powered

Garagegames has not been resting on their laurels after the release of Torque 3D 1.0, their long-anticipated new engine. Just a few weeks after that massive release, they’re back. With a vengeance.

The announcement that all sales of TGE and TGEA would be stopped on november 1st naturally has started heated discussions in the community. People especially were complaining that TGEA was just now becoming with 1.8.1 what it should have been at the 1.0 release.

The forum contained a thread with known fixes for problems in TGEA 1.8.1, and community members were afraid that there would be no more release. That it was end of the line for TGEA at version 1.8.1. Today, Alex Scarborough as done some back-porting of features from T3D into TGEA, and along with a massive amount of bugfixes, released TGEA 1.8.2.

Bugs have also been exterminated at a frightening pace in T3D lately, leading up to the release of Torque3D 1.0.1.
Good news at the beginning of the cold and wet seasons for all those planning some “Torque Work” at home.

GarageGames stops selling legacy engines on 1 November

Along with the official announcement about the release of Torque3D 1.0, the Garagegames website also mentions casually that as of November 1st, they will no longer be selling their ‘older’ engines such as TGE or TGEA.

It makes sense business-wise to try to force your customers towards your new product. Microsoft is doing it quite vigorously with each new release of Windows or Office, so GarageGames isn’t doing something unheard of. The problem which has lead to the outcry of the community is that new licensees are looking at a price hike of 7 times the original price for the original Torque Game Engine (TGE) (150 USD to 1000 USD). Continue reading GarageGames stops selling legacy engines on 1 November

Torque 3D 1.0 released

Garagegames today released the 1.0 version of the Torque 3D game engine. This comes after several months of open beta testing, where licensees could try out alpha and beta releases of the technology. During that time of beta testing the engine was available at a discount to compensate for the unfinished nature of the technology at the time of the purchase.

Of course, the open beta enabled third-party developers to get their extensions and content packs ready for the official release of the engine. At the moment, many of the high-profile extensions already have a T3D version in the works or available. This ensures Continue reading Torque 3D 1.0 released

DIF and DTS repository is slowly being built

The Garagegames community is great. Many people on the forums are glad to help you out when you are having problems, and it’s not like on some other forums where most of the time they tell you to use the f*!#ing search functionality. No, in most circumstances, when they can help you, they will. But it’s not only programmers and game designers on the GG forums. Luckily, more and more artists have found the way to the forums to deliver us game players from the dreaded programmer art.

Sadly, many models have been lost in the meantime because of them being posted on free and limited hosting programs. Other hosting plans provide just a few megabytes of bandwidth every 24 hours (like geocities), which is rather limiting when hosting 3D models. That’s sad, as many of these models are really great additions to the portfolio. Continue reading DIF and DTS repository is slowly being built

TGB 1.7 stability issues

Yesterday I was looking at some free moments, and decided to start with the Breakout tutorial on the Torque Developer Network, to get the hang of the workflow one needs to use TGB 1.7. The ultimate goals is still to get a project to its conclusion, and a tutorial seems the best way to familiarize myself with TGB during the time in which the requirements of the first project are refined.

I was fairly well prepared. I downloaded the trial version of Torsion and still have the latest version of CodeWeaver on my development box. I wanted to see which of the two was most adapted to my way of doing things.

Sadly, when importing the JPEG images in one of the first steps of the tutorial, TGB utterly crashed. I’m curious that this happened. It was a clean install of TGB 1.7.2, the latest bugfix release. I’m a bit dissapointed that the import of JPG images led to a crash in a second bugfix release, but it’s perhaps too soon to complain about buggy software. I should be trying the same sequence of interactions with the program again for a few times, and check if I can reproduce the crashes. Who knows, it might be my first bug-report for Torque whoooohooo :-).

I’m ashamed to say that I got a bit discouraged, and fired up a session of Cossacks : Back to War. Maybe this weekend, I’ll try a rematch.

Caligari gameSpace group buy

Based upon the foundations of Caligari trueSpace, Caligari gameSpace aims to be a version of the popular 3D modeling tool that is aimed specifically towards game artists (as the name clearly implies). The gameSpace package contains a number of specific tools towards that end:

  • Polygon reducer
  • MAP export
  • First Person perspective modeling (model the level while walking around in it)
  • game-related import and export file format support.

The good news is that Caligari is organising a Group Buy. They gather as much people as possible, and the more people buy gameSpace, the lower the price will become.

Order Caligari gameSpace

Actually, the price stands at $129, and it could go all the way down to $99 if enough people step in. Considering the full price is $299, it’s actually quite a good bargain. Continue reading Caligari gameSpace group buy

Torque Game Builder (TGB) 1.7 released

GarageGames logoGaragegames seems to be very active at the moment, as only a few months after the 1.6 release, we are spoiled with the 1.7 release.
Looking at the changelog below, I notice the Collision Polygon and the Linkpoint editors, which are the only reasons this is a new release. If it had been only bugfixes, I would have expected a 1.6.1 version.
Continue reading Torque Game Builder (TGB) 1.7 released