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In Cold Blood now available on GOG

Good Old Games (GOG) is now offering In Cold Blood, a classic adventure game by Revolution Studios, with a hint of action elements.

Everybody that loves adventure games has heard of Revolution Software. Their first two games, Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky are now freely available, and can be played on many operating systems thanks to the open source ScummVM. After that, Revolution went on creating high-polished adventure games that redefined the genre.

Sometimes, that re-definition wasn’t always appreciated by the gaming community, as was the case with In Cold Blood. The mere hint of action elements led the hardcore adventure gamer to leave the game be. The game wasn’t a big commercial success, which made it impossible to find until now.

Thank you GOG for keeping up the flow of gems from the past.

Divine Divinity comes back to life on Impulse

The guys at Larian really want all of us playing back the game that started it all : Divine Divinity. After the initial release on GOG, as I mentioned earlier, the game has how also been made available on Impulse.

Now is your time to choose: GOG delivers the games without DRM, and as such the price is at $9.99. Impulse requires you to download the impulse client (a bit like the steam client from Valve) and due to the fact that you have DRM involved, the price is Continue reading Divine Divinity comes back to life on Impulse

Larian releases Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity on GOG.com

Larian games has just released Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity on Gog.com. As a prelude to the worldwide release of the new installment in the Divinity universe, Larian is giving us the possibility to get re-acquainted with the fantastic worlds their stories play in. Divine Divinity (or ‘Sword of Lies’, as it was called initially) is now available on GOG.com for $5.99. The sequel, Beyond Divinity, is announced as ‘coming soon’ with a price of $9.99.

Divine Divinity was the game that put Larian Games on the map of the RPG-playing world. I had the luck of being able to go playtesting the first game just before the demo was released, and I was truly impressed by the insane amount of detail that went into the world.

The game sports a massive world with diverse locations to explore, an enthralling storyline offering weeks of gameplay, plus a great atmosphere, augmented by an outstanding musical score. If you like RPGs, you cannot miss this one.

I couldn’t agree more. The comparison with “Baldur’s Gate” was made quite often, and it still remains incredible that a small Belgian games company was able to produce such a polished and fun game.

As for the music, just come to Zwinneblomme in Knokke at the end of November, and you’ll be able to hear and see Kirill Pokrovsky himself. He’ll be enjoying himself entertaining the people in the piano bar at that party, so it won’t be games music. Nevertheless, it’ll be a blast, like every year.