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DIF and DTS repository is slowly being built

The Garagegames community is great. Many people on the forums are glad to help you out when you are having problems, and it’s not like on some other forums where most of the time they tell you to use the f*!#ing search functionality. No, in most circumstances, when they can help you, they will. But it’s not only programmers and game designers on the GG forums. Luckily, more and more artists have found the way to the forums to deliver us game players from the dreaded programmer art.

Sadly, many models have been lost in the meantime because of them being posted on free and limited hosting programs. Other hosting plans provide just a few megabytes of bandwidth every 24 hours (like geocities), which is rather limiting when hosting 3D models. That’s sad, as many of these models are really great additions to the portfolio. Continue reading DIF and DTS repository is slowly being built