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OpenQuest – an open source adventure

I found this on the Adventuredevelopers.com forums. The apparition of ScummC, a compiler with ScummVM 6 binary code as target, has stirred the waters a bit. The ScummVM project is one of the most visible and recognised adventure-related projects at the moment. Being able to develop for this platform is quite interesting of course.

G33k on the Adventuredevelopers forums found OpenQuest, which is an open source game made in AGS, to act as a demonstration game. The idea is to port this game in ScummC  to have a reference and test the functionality of the compiler. It isn’t much of a game, as the story seems to be lacking.

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Indie Adventurers

And now for something totally different: adventure games. I’ve been introduced to computer gaming, like an entire generation, by the means of the adventure games made at that time by Sierra Inc and LucasArts. Many will have fond memories of The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and the likes.

Several different Adventure engines have seen the light of day, among which the most known are Sludge, MAD, AGS, The Wintermute Engine and Agast. Continue reading Indie Adventurers