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Torque Game Engines and ImpressCMS Web Design | D-log - Part 3

Kinepolis publishes App for Android

Big News : Kinepolis, the market leader in Belgian movie theaters, launches an Android App. Ter Zake, a major news program on television even made it a big item. It seems companies in Belgium slowly start to realise that other smartphone platforms exist next to the iPhone.

I think it’s sad that this generates as much buzz as it did. I can’t remember any iPhone app launch meriting a mention in a prime-time news programme. It demonstrates clearly that the iPhone is for most people synonym with smartphones, and that other platforms are considered a quaint rarity.

Let’s hope that the current trend continues, and that the belgian Android ecosystem finally starts developing.

InstantAction To Rise Again?

Torque 3D
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A quick update in the InstantAction Shutdown saga : Eric Preisz just had a very cool Christmas present for all the Torque community members.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are no longer entertaining buyers at this time. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to make any comments until the new year. Please stand by for more information and enjoy the holiday season. The future looks bright.

he’s not saying much, but he says enough to indicate that Torque will RISE AGAIN! Let’s hope this takeover will be better digested by the community than the IAC one.

Good news, cool!

TorquePowered: Recent Community Blogs

via Important Update.

Positive sounds from InstantAction Takeover Negotiations

Torque Powered

Eric Preisz had some positive news (although he wasn’t really giving away much) in his latest comment on the InstantAction Shutdown thread on the TorquePowered forums:

I’ve had dozens upon dozens of leads, phone calls, several on site visits, a drive to L.A., and a lot of coffee. Don’t give up hope, things are going well!

Continue reading Positive sounds from InstantAction Takeover Negotiations

Skype installeren op OpenSuSE 11.2 64-bit

When you install Skype on a 64-bit OpenSuSE 11.2 system using the installation package on the Skype Linux page, Skype refuses to start after install. When looking at the command line,you get the following error message:

That seems to be an issue with a bad installation package from Skype.

Luckily, Alberto Passalacqua describes on his blog the  correct installation procedure to get  Skype 2.1 on OpenSuSE 11.2 64-bit. I did this on our older laptop which is still running OpenSuSE 11.2, and it works great.

Thanks, Alberto!

TorquePowered and InstantAction are shutting down

Shocking news this evening : TorquePowered just announced that its partner company will be shutting down, and that they are seeking for a buyer.

InterActive Corp has been creating some very big waves recently in the technology landscape as they are reviewing their business. After a period when the company was buying as much companies as it could in an effort to differentiate its portfolio, that strategy has changed. It seems IAC now wants to focus on a limited number of assets, and the ones that aren’t in the core portfolio have to go. And going in this case means being sold or closed down. Continue reading TorquePowered and InstantAction are shutting down

Blender Durian project Sintel movie hit on Youtube

The Blender Durian project got its final name as ‘Sintel’, and was released at the end of September. After the screening, the project team uploaded their movie to Youtube, for the rest of the world to be amazed by the story and the image quality.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing how many shortcuts the team has made and how bad they think this and that turned out int he final movie during the Blender Conference in Amsterdam at the end of this month. It wouldn’t be a true Blender Conference without it 🙂 Let’s put that down to artists being too hard on their own work, and being perfectionists.

The rest of the world is quite extatic about the final short movie, whatever the project team may say in Amsterdam. The audience likes it so much that the Youtube video has been viewed more than 1.3 milion times in 2 weeks. That’s an a-ma-zing feat. Congratulations to the entire Blender and Project Durian Teams!


Blendernation: Sintel: Over 1 Million Views on YouTube