multiple folders in one zip file under linux

I keep forgetting the syntax for adding multiple folders under one zip file under linux.A small reminder to myself, and maybe it can help others as well (although it’s easy to find on the net).

The command to do that is quite straightforward/easy though :

zip -9 -r <zip file> <folder name>

the ‘-9’ tells zip to use the best compression, while the -r indicates you want to have zip do a recursive operation on all subfolders below the folder you mention.

Using Editors in a CMS – the ImpressCMS editor conundrum

When attending a lunch seminar yesterday there was a very interesting short discussion about thhe use of WYSIWYG editors in CMS-powered websites. The whole discussion was about the amount of options and functionalities you can allow your site editors, keeping into account that your layout nowadays has to adapt itself to a multitude of different screen sizes and orientations.

This is a discussion we need to have in ImpressCMS, as we currently allow as much as possible to the editor. By doing that, we risk breaking the layout of the theme simply by entering content, and that shouldn’t be allowed. Read the blog, and add your comments at the ImpressCMS Community site.

PHPUnit installeren op XAMPP onder Windows

Ik gebruik de laatste tijd meer en meer PHPStorm, doordat we bij ImpressCMS een Open Source licentie hebben kunnen bemachtigen bij Jetbrains. PHPStorm biedt ondersteuning voor PHPUnit, waardoor ik die wilde installeren op mijn huidige Windows systeem. Dat loopt niet altijd van een leien dakje

PEAR Installatie

PHPUnit maakt gebruik van PEAR, maar die installatie heeft wat zorg nodig. Bij installatie van PHPUnit 3.6.10 onder XAMPP kreeg ik constand de melding:

No releases available for package

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Migrating subversion repositories

The ImpressCMS project had migrated to when we got fed up with the low availability of the cvsdude (now codesion) service. We had had a very good experience at the beginning, but all of a sudden, major migration were done unscheduled, and because we were an open source project, we could only get mail-based support, and low-availability servers.

It turned out later that CVSDude was in the process of being bought, so in hindsight we could have seen it coming.

To be honest, the trac instance provided by sourceforge has never worked really well.

login to sourceforge shell

make a clone of your repository

create the dump file: svnadmin dump /svnroot/PROJECT/ > svndump



Managing your SVN repos with adminrepo :

loggin on to the shell:

New Torque2D tutorial by MakingIndieGames

I just discovered MakingIndieGames, a site dedicated to in-depth tutorials on Torque2D development. MakingIndieGames not only shows you how to do things, but also explains why it is done in a certain way.
Recently, they released their latest Torque2D tutorial – Reflection Grid. For the very low price of $12.50 you get a very detailed PDF tutorial on a shooting game with Torque2D, and a working Demo with source codes. Lees verder New Torque2D tutorial by MakingIndieGames

Use Ajax Redirect in ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS introduced a AJAX-based redirect system in series 1.2, which makes your site much quicker to work with. By using this redirect system, notifications and confirmation messages (E.g. ‘Thank you for logging in’) don’t show on a new page any more, but they are presented to the user on a text bubble that is loaded dynamically while the user remains on the same page.

Currently, not that many themes are created that provide this, and you need to explicitly enable it before the functionality becomes available. I’ll explain here the two simple steps you in adding this to your site.

ATTENTION: It has been noted to me that this technique is not needed, as ImpressCMS automatically includes the javascript code required into the <head> section of the page. All that remains to be done then is to enable the Ajax redirect in the settings (STEP 2) Lees verder Use Ajax Redirect in ImpressCMS

Preparing the ImpressCMS Developer Challenge 2011

Met de release van ImpressCMS 1.3 RC2 gepland voor deze of volgende week, gaat het werk ook verder voor de organisatie van onze eerste ImpressCMS Developer Challenge. Dit is een belangrijk project voor ons, langs één kant omdat het de eerste competitie is die we organiseren, en ook omdat het ons heel wat zichtbaarheid zou moeten geven in communities waar we niet aanwezig waren tot nu.

Op zo’n momenten is het altijd een goed idee om inspiratie te halen bij gelijkaardige wedstrijden. Het warm water terug uitvinden heeft geen zin. Tijdens mijn zoektocht naar programmeer wedstrijden ben ik er een tegengekomen die heel interessant was : de PHP on Azure wedstrijd. Dat was om twee redenen: het is een PHP programmeer wedstrijd, en ze werd georganiseerd in mijn regio (België).

Ik heb PHPBenelux gecontacteerd, en die waren zo vriendelijk om te laten weten dat ze ons zullen helpen om van de ImpressCMS Developer Challenge een groot succes te maken. Dank je wel!

ImpressCMS Fetcher

As the current Release Manager of ImpressCMS, I am quite aware of the weaknesses we need to look at in following releases.

One of the major weaknesses that makes ImpressCMS a difficult sell is the fact that you need to use an FTP client in order to add modules or themes to the system. Most systems have a capability of installing those elements directly from the administration interface.

MrTheme just demonstrated the power of open source. While ImpressCMS is in feature freeze during its 1.3 release, he had an itch that needed scratching, so he developed his own solution for it.

Granted  it ‘only’ installs the latest stable (ImpressCMS 1.2.4) or the latest beta version (ImpressCMS 1.3 beta – just released), but it can be used to upgrade your sites without hassle. For me, that’s one first step towards an online updater, but now I hope the community will step in and help MrTheme out.

Torquepowered is dead, long live GarageGames

Nu al 2 weken geleden werd de Torque gemeenschap wakker onder een nieuw gesternte : de kopers van het TorquePowered gedeelte van InstantAction werden onthuld, de operaties opnieuw opgestart, en de oude ‘GarageGames’ naam werd terug aangenomen.

De kopers, heel kort en slechts éénmaal vermeld in de bekendmaking van de overname, zijn het soort koper waar de meesten in de Torque gemeenschap op hoopten: een bedrijf met een sterke link naar games, meer geïnteresseerd in een ondetsteunde groei, en minder in een cash-in strategie.

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