WordPress to ImpressCMS – Cleaning up the source content

A first step in any migration is to clean up your entry data. That doesn’t change when moving from WordPress to ImpressCMS.

Cleaning up your content can be done in several ways : removing old or no longer relevant posts (news items get old soon, and Google doesnt like stale news items), looking into content types that perhaps no longer need to be on the new site, and cleanng up your tags and menu structures.

It depends mainly on your content, so it is difficult to automate this step. However, if done correctly at the beginning of a migration, this step can make the difference between success and failure in the end.

Migrating WordPress to ImpressCMS

migrate wordpress to impresscmsOne of the big sayings in open source is to ‘eat your own dogfood’, meaning that you need to use the tools you develop also yourself on a daily basis.

It’s the only way you can get a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your solution, by putting you in the position of the end-user.

I have been a sinner in that regard, by using WordPress for my personal blog instead of my own project ImpressCMS. That is something I intend to set straight in the near future by migrating from WordPress to ImpressCMS, and documenting the process step by step.

Torque3D sighting at packt publishing

If you’re a Packt Publishing customer, you have had the option to download their book “Torque3D Game Development Cookbook” for free on May 2nd, as part of the Packt Free Learning promo that’s going on now. I know, i’m late to the party, but it’s still worth mentioning .

Torque3D isn’t as popular as it was some time ago, but it is still a very competent game engine. Since the move towards the MIT license, development has been going on at a steady pace, with some more activity in the 3D branch of the engine.

With the reboot of the community site, now not as part of Garagegames, but driven by the community itself, the near future proves to be very interesting indeed for the platform.

NTLM in FireFox 30.0

In heel wat gevallen maken intranet sites gebruikt van het NTLM protocol. Dat is een protocol dat door Microsoft werd ontwikkeld, en dat naast Microsoft producten ook is ingebouwd in onder andere Apache en FireFox.

Ook al raadt Microsoft het gebruik van NTLM (en de update NTLMv2) af, toch is het nog altijd in gebruik in Sharepoint 2013.

Als je wil gebruik maken van een Sharepoint 2013 service met FireFox, maar je wil niet de hele tijd je paswoord moeten ingeven, dan moet NTLM geconfigureerd worden.

Om dat te doen, ga je naar de FireFox pagina


Daar krijg je eerst een waarschuwing, die kan je rustig overslaan in dit geval.

Zoek dan naar


en voeg daar de URL in van de sites die je wil gebruiken met NTLM. Voilà

Setup PHPUnit on Windows with Composer

Setting up PHPUnit using Composer is an option that is available since composer 3.7.5. Older 3.7 versions aren’t considered stable to use this way. I needed to have PHPUnit to run tests in my PHPStorm environment, and I didn’t want to do it by hand or struggle with PEAR on my local server. Composer is a good and easy alternative.

I assume you have installed Composer using the Windows installer found here

Just run the following command to get composer to install PHPUnit globally, for all the projects, and not just this one:

composer global require “phpunit/phpunit=3.7.*”

After that, go to your environment variables, and append the Composer folder to the end of the ‘PATH’ variable :


Substitute <username> with the user name that installed composer.

And you’re ready to go!

OPML Export in Feedly Cloud

Opml-iconDe stopzetting van Google Reader was een meevaller. Als eerste positieve punt bracht het de RSS lezers terug in de belangstelling. Daarnaast zag niemand het nut in van een concurrerend product te ontwikkelen, want niemand zag het zitten om een concurrent te ontwikkelen van een Google dienst. In economische termen was Google Reader een monopolie, en iedereen is het er over eens dat monopolies een slechte zaak zijn.

Om een monopolie, of de gevreesde ‘vendor lock-in’ te bekampen, heb je standaard formaten nodig om de relevante gegevens te kunnen transporteren tussen verschillende diensten. OPML is het formaat dat de meeeste RSS lezers ondersteunen om hun abonnementsinformatie op te slaan.

Het is niet moeilijk om je OPML data van Feedly te krijgen, het is alleen niet intiutief om te vinden waar je het precies moet zoeken. Ik heb ernaar gezocht, en post het hier in de hoop dat het nuttig is voor iemand. Lees verder OPML Export in Feedly Cloud

Torque2D port to Android and Linux on Kickstarter

Max Gaming is running a kickstarter campaign to fund the port of the Torque2D MIT game engine to Android. Multi-platform support is more and more a requirement these days, especially for a 2D engine geared at developing casual indie games.

Max Gaming pledged also that they will work on the Linux version of this engine. That isn’t such a bad idea, as Android is in its core Linux-based, so both systems should be similar in their core.

Have a look at the Kickstarter campaign, pledge generously and get your friends to do as well! There is still a long way to go.

using scp to upload to sourceforge to a path with spaces

The titles says it mostly, if you want to upload a file from a linux machine to the FRS on sourceforge, but you have spaces in your paths:

scp (file_to_upload) (my_user)@frs.sourceforge.net:”/home/frs/project/(project_name)/Path\ with\ spaces/”

Easy, really, if you know all the details to watch out for:

  • enclose the path (everything behind the column) in double quotes (“)
  • Escape each space in that path with a backslash (\)

If you don’t enclose the path with double quotes, you’ll get the following error message :

scp: ambiguous target

The following variables are used in the example:

  • (file_to_upload): the name and path of the file (if you’re not uploading from the folder the file is stored in) of the originating machine
  • (my_user) : your Sourceforge.net username
  • (project_name) : the path for your project. On sourceforge, sometimes you may need to add a few folders in front with the first and the first two letters of your project name : /p/pr/project