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Unity Technologies hires former Torque Exec Brett Seyler

Unity Technologies has hired Brett Seyler, who oversaw Torque engine development for InstantAction and GarageGames, to serve as its VP of strategy. After Brett Seyler announced that he was leaving TorquePowered (former GarageGames), nobody thought he was leaving for a direct competitor.

In the torrent of comments following his blog, Brett indicated indirectly that he already had a next challenge in mind, but he didn’t specify. It was assumed throughout the Torque community that he would follow in the footsteps of his former GarageGames colleagues now at Pushbutton Labs. That company was founded by the former GarageGames owners, after the sale to Interactive corp. In fact, it was at that time that Brett took over daily operations at GarageGames.

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Virtual Meetings for free

Yugma LogoI’m sure most people are aware of the existance of WebEx, one of the first web-based solutions for large-scale virtual meetings. As business is becoming more and more global, travel is risking to become a large cost and time waster. I’ve worked in a company that was present in 6 countries over 2 continents, and meetings with representatives from the different countries were very expensive.
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