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web2.0 buttons and icons with inkscape

I’ve been tinkering with Inkscape lately, a free vector drawing tool, and I’m slowly getting more confident with it. I want the look to be up-to-date and web 2.0-ish, so I have to learn how to make those glossy icons with a hint of depth and reflection. I found some icon creation tutorials, and that’s what I’m wading through now.

I might not wait until these icons have been finalized to launch the site. After all, there hasn’t been anything tangible on the front I was able to show for far too long. I can blame the skiing holidays and some changed at my day-job for that, but that doesn’t change the outcome : nothing yet.


Much inspiration here, I’ll post samples as I finish them.

WordPress 2.7

A new major release of WordPress, now at version 2.7, has been released. The visitors of your site won’t see much difference (maybe the slight speed improvement while building the pages), but the people using the administrator interface will certainly notice that nothing has remained the same.
Not only has the admin interface changed from a horizontal list of links under the header to some sort of menu on the left-hand of the interface, you also have a better overview of what is going on. The developers (and especially the theme developers) really outdid themselves here in putting as much on the screen while still keeping it readable and reasonably clean.

Building an art website in Xoops

It must have been one of those days…

It was one of those days I must have felt a bit overconfident. When you read why I think so, I’m sure you’ll all agree. Surfing on the forums of the GarageGames web site, I came across some posts by artists that wanted to share their work with the world. To do that, they were using free hosting sites, among them GeoCities, that impose restrictions on the daily amount of data your site sends over the network. I can understand the GeoCities decision, as they don’t want to host half of the world’s pirated software on free sites. Limiting the distribution of files in this way is a very efficient way for GeoCities, but it kind of limits the usefulness of the service for people wanting to distribute their assets.

I recently changed hosting company, and they provide me with next to unlimited storage space, and tens of gigabytes of data traffic each month. At the moment, my usage doesn’t even come up to 0,1 percent. One could state I still have some capacity left. So, I decided to contact some people and propose them to host their files, and to build a site around it. I figured it would take me a few hours and I would be done.

Oh boy, was I wrong…

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Yahoo!Mail out of Beta

It seems the Web 2.0 generation is growing up. After more than a year in public beta, and over two years in development, the new version of Yahoo!Mail has finally been let loose as a finished product. The change of the service from beta to release also brought a slightly different look with it.

When looking on the Yahoo! Mail Blog it is apparently a process that has been running for some days already, but given the amount of mail accounts they have to migrate (255 Million, yes, that’s 255 with six 0’s behind it), and the amount of different types of accounts, the system needs some time to process them all.

Moreover, Yahoo! Mail is celebrating it’s 10 years of existance. For a timeline, have a look at Yodel.

I must say I’m pretty satisfied with the entire mail/calendar/messenger experience. The only drawback is that there is absolutely no calendar sync possibility that I know of that works with non-Outlook solutions. There’s no Calendar API as of yet, so I guess development of that type of application or service won’t happen in the near future.

Work In Progress

Under Construction

I’m busy reworking the site a bit. At the change towards WordPress 2.x some things didn’t work any more like I wanted them to. That’s why there are themes now that aren’t 100% like they should, and that don’t necessarily work well.

I’m working on it, so those problems should be gone in the near future.

Change of employer

Well, it’s official now. After a short while with Test Aankoop, I’ll be changing jobs tuesday to go to work for EDS. The current state of the job market is fairly good, so I didn’t have to look around for long. I’ll be doing the same job in a sense, but with a bit more diversity in the environments I guess.

German Countdown at home

Well, it seems I’ve been able to keep this as a secret for quite some time without even wanting to. I go to the German language course. Dutch is quite close to German, but for some insane reason, we Belgians don’t like the language. I won’t start about it having something to do with our war history (addmittedly, those blokes invaded us twice in the past century), as I’m sure it is just us, being lazy to learn all about Dativ and Akkusativ and Genitiv.

I follow those courses since last september now, and today I’ve taken a day of holiday to be able to prepare myself for the oral examination. I’ll have a chat with our teacher about Second Life. She likes to learn about it, and I like to talk about it. And everybody is happy. As long as we’re happy in german, that is.

WordPress worries

The handling of the WordPress install is taking some of my time. Not really shocking really, but I would have liked to invest that time into something else. However, I seem to have ammassed 112 spam comments, so I should be taking some action. I’ll have to take a look into the anti-comment-spam solutions available for WordPress.

On top of that, I have some difficulty finding a good theme that works. I found the Water theme, but it won’t work with my vanilla installation of WordPress 2.1. I’ll have to check, I guess it’s something to do with backslash and forward-slash in the inclusion of the CSS file with the markup.

It finally starts to look like a house

As you can see on Karekiet39, we have been living in our little house for almost two weeks. Before that, it couldn’t really be called ‘living’, without furniture whatsoever, with dust everywhere. Something that really made the difference was the curtains. Geert brought those along friday around 10, and we’ve been installing them on saturday morning first thing. Once they were there, it seemed (for the third time in a very short time) that we moved to a new house.