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Setup PHPUnit on Windows with Composer

Setting up PHPUnit using Composer is an option that is available since composer 3.7.5. Older 3.7 versions aren’t considered stable to use this way. I needed to have PHPUnit to run tests in my PHPStorm environment, and I didn’t want to do it by hand or struggle with PEAR on my local server. Composer is a good and easy alternative.

I assume you have installed Composer using the Windows installer found here

Just run the following command to get composer to install PHPUnit globally, for all the projects, and not just this one:

composer global require “phpunit/phpunit=3.7.*”

After that, go to your environment variables, and append the Composer folder to the end of the ‘PATH’ variable :


Substitute <username> with the user name that installed composer.

And you’re ready to go!

OPML Export in Feedly Cloud

Opml-iconDe stopzetting van Google Reader was een meevaller. Als eerste positieve punt bracht het de RSS lezers terug in de belangstelling. Daarnaast zag niemand het nut in van een concurrerend product te ontwikkelen, want niemand zag het zitten om een concurrent te ontwikkelen van een Google dienst. In economische termen was Google Reader een monopolie, en iedereen is het er over eens dat monopolies een slechte zaak zijn.

Om een monopolie, of de gevreesde ‘vendor lock-in’ te bekampen, heb je standaard formaten nodig om de relevante gegevens te kunnen transporteren tussen verschillende diensten. OPML is het formaat dat de meeeste RSS lezers ondersteunen om hun abonnementsinformatie op te slaan.

Het is niet moeilijk om je OPML data van Feedly te krijgen, het is alleen niet intiutief om te vinden waar je het precies moet zoeken. Ik heb ernaar gezocht, en post het hier in de hoop dat het nuttig is voor iemand. Lees verder OPML Export in Feedly Cloud

ImpressCMS Fetcher

As the current Release Manager of ImpressCMS, I am quite aware of the weaknesses we need to look at in following releases.

One of the major weaknesses that makes ImpressCMS a difficult sell is the fact that you need to use an FTP client in order to add modules or themes to the system. Most systems have a capability of installing those elements directly from the administration interface.

MrTheme just demonstrated the power of open source. While ImpressCMS is in feature freeze during its 1.3 release, he had an itch that needed scratching, so he developed his own solution for it.

Granted  it ‘only’ installs the latest stable (ImpressCMS 1.2.4) or the latest beta version (ImpressCMS 1.3 beta – just released), but it can be used to upgrade your sites without hassle. For me, that’s one first step towards an online updater, but now I hope the community will step in and help MrTheme out.

Skype installeren op OpenSuSE 11.2 64-bit

Wanneer je de installatie van Skype doet via het pakket dat op de Linux pagina van Skype wordt aangeboden, weigert Skype na installatie te starten. Als je kijkt naar de command line, krijg je volgende foutmelding:

Dat blijkt een probleem te zijn met een slecht pakket van Skype. Alberto Passalacqua heeft in zijn blog de correcte installatieprocedure van Skype 2.1 op OpenSuSE 11.2 64-bit geplaatst.

Ik heb het op onze oudere laptop geplaatst, en dat werkt wonderwel. Dank je, Alberto!

Thunderbird in 2010

Thunderbird has gotten some more visible momentum now that Thunderbird 3 has seen the light. Project lead David Asher has some more details on organisational topics for the year 2010:

  • field-testing new functionalities in plugins
  • New upgrade options for users coming from TB2
  • making the organisation financially sustainable on its own

Just like Matt, I would love to see an official Gravatar plugin this year.

Should We Upgrade ImpressCMS Core to jQuery 1.4?

Recently, jQuery 1.4 was released, with a maintenance release 1.4.2 a few days ago. In a move comparable to what we are doing with ImpressCMS release 1.3, the jQuery developers chose the jQuery 1.4 release to be a release focused on speed and cleanup of the codebase. Mostly, just cleaning up the codebase results in quite some speed advancements, so those two efforts are frequently combined.

The changelog for this latest release of the Javascript library mentions performance improvements in many areas : CSS methods, Attributes and many of the most-used functions. However, the changelog also details some backward incompatible changes with previous versions. These incompatibilities can be countered by installing this specific plugin. Lees verder Should We Upgrade ImpressCMS Core to jQuery 1.4?

An alternative to Messagefaces compatible with Thunderbird 3

MessageFaces Icon Some time ago, I found this cool plugin for Thunderbird (2.x at the time) : MessageFaces (or on Mozilla Addons). It made email conversations much less impersonal by showing images of the persons that I was having an email conversation with. The beauty of the system was that I didn’t have to do anything: images were gathered from, X-faces, or embedded PNG images.

Then Thunderbird 3 came along, and busted quite a bit of plugins. Sadly for me, both MessageFaces and Lightning, the calendar plugin, ceased to work. Lees verder An alternative to Messagefaces compatible with Thunderbird 3