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Truebones Motions 300+ Pak discount

Truebones is very proud to present the brand new ” Truebones Motions 300+ Pak”

This brand new discount upgrade offer consists of the very latest BVH motion paks created by Truebones Motions including:

  • “The Sexybones Womens Motions Pak” (over 130 BVHmotions ) and
  • “The BoogieBones Dance Motions Xpansion Pak” (over 170 BVH motions)

Now you can own over 300+ brand new high quality Truebones BVH motion captures for the ultra low price of only $29.00!

Sexybones on YouTube

Also included is a FREE BVH file previewer and a .vns profile for converting BVH to Iclone format.

To order the brand new “Truebones Motions 300+ Pak!”.  Just click this link.

This special discount offer expires tonight, so be sure to take advantage of this spectacular savings today!