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Blender Durian project Sintel movie hit on Youtube

The Blender Durian project got its final name as ‘Sintel’, and was released at the end of September. After the screening, the project team uploaded their movie to Youtube, for the rest of the world to be amazed by the story and the image quality.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing how many shortcuts the team has made and how bad they think this and that turned out int he final movie during the Blender Conference in Amsterdam at the end of this month. It wouldn’t be a true Blender Conference without it 🙂 Let’s put that down to artists being too hard on their own work, and being perfectionists.

The rest of the world is quite extatic about the final short movie, whatever the project team may say in Amsterdam. The audience likes it so much that the Youtube video has been viewed more than 1.3 milion times in 2 weeks. That’s an a-ma-zing feat. Congratulations to the entire Blender and Project Durian Teams!


Blendernation: Sintel: Over 1 Million Views on YouTube

Truebones Motions 300+ Pak discount

Truebones is very proud to present the brand new ” Truebones Motions 300+ Pak”

This brand new discount upgrade offer consists of the very latest BVH motion paks created by Truebones Motions including:

  • “The Sexybones Womens Motions Pak” (over 130 BVHmotions ) and
  • “The BoogieBones Dance Motions Xpansion Pak” (over 170 BVH motions)

Now you can own over 300+ brand new high quality Truebones BVH motion captures for the ultra low price of only $29.00!

Sexybones on YouTube

Also included is a FREE BVH file previewer and a .vns profile for converting BVH to Iclone format.

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Sintel teaser released

Blender project Durian (what happened to the fruit names?) has just released its teaser. This should give you a good idea of what will be in this short movie produced by the Blender Institute.

The team now has just about 2 months left to finish this ambitious project, and the tension is mounting. Deadlines ahead!


Sand displacement calculation using Blender in Linux Magazine

The current issue of Linux magazine (#111) has an article about how researchers are using Blender 3D to calculate and simulate the volume of sand displaced when walking on a beach. This demonstrates the extreme flexibility of Blender, and also shows that that flexibility is more and more appreciated by the academic community.

This academic use is also becoming more and more apparent in the different Blender conference schedules, as each year there are very innovative ideas presented there.

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Blender Conference

This makes it the fifth time in a row that we’ve attended the Blender conference. Due to the masive attendance last year, the choice had been made to change the location from De Waag towards another nice venue, although not in the centre, Pakhuis De Zwijger (this can be translated as “storehouse the Silent One”).

Even though I’m not one of the top Blender users, I’ve been going to the Blender conference every year, to catch up with what this marvellous piece of software is capable of. I’m constantly in the process of juggling with different ideas and projects, and one of those is art creation in Blender.

I attended the last two days of the conference, as I wanted to make the most of my stay, and get around in Amsterdam a bit on friday. Every year we’ve enjoyed coming back to Amsterdam at the beginning of the autumn. Against the odds, we had really fine weather every time (well, no rain at least which is a small miracle).

Siggraph gives you a peek at the past conferences

Siggraph Encore Logo
SIGGRAPH, the worldwide reference for graphics-related topics, proposes videos from most or even all of the topics on the conference on their website, in a section called SIGGRAPH Encore. Encore features videos with topics ranging from bare-metal programming courses like the Basics of DirectX 10 programming (6 hours non-stop straight, ouch!) to others that explain more artistic techniques like “From DNA to 3D Organic Art Forms”.
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