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A Working Trac installation on Dreamhost

trac-dhIn this post, I’ll try to describe the steps I had to make to get a working Trac installation on Dreamhost. A few months back, Dreamhost started providing a one-click advanced installation package for trac 0.11.1 . With this package, you can get a working trac installation in a few simple steps. You can even use the Dreamhost panel to upgrade to the latest version, if a new release is made.

Trac is a very powerful package, but installing it (and getting it to work) on Dreamhost hasn’t been easy. Several shell scripts exist that provide a Trac installation, but they all need some manual tinkering.

In theory, the one-click installers at Dreamhost are just that : one click, and you have a ready-to-go setup. In the case of Trac, the installation you obtain by simply using the one-click install is not quite usable nor complete. Continue reading A Working Trac installation on Dreamhost

First Alpha release of Torque3D 1.1 released

Torque Powered
Torque Powered

Alpha Release – quicker than expected

Garagegames has just posted the first Alpha of Torque3D on the website for the current licensees of Torque3D Professional. This was a surprise for many, as the current communications coming out of Garagegames were all around the ongoing development of Torque2D, the successor to the Torque Game Builder.

Not much was known in advance about what was going to be in the Torque3D 1.1 release, and some rumours were that it would be a paid upgrade. I was happy to see that it wasn’t the case.

New Features

While Torque3D 1.0 was quite stable, quite some features scheduled to be added later.Some features, like the road editor, felt a bit light on features at the beginning. That has been remedied, and much quicker than any of us could have hoped. Let me give you some highlights of what’s coming: Continue reading First Alpha release of Torque3D 1.1 released

web2.0 buttons and icons with inkscape

I’ve been tinkering with Inkscape lately, a free vector drawing tool, and I’m slowly getting more confident with it. I want the look to be up-to-date and web 2.0-ish, so I have to learn how to make those glossy icons with a hint of depth and reflection. I found some icon creation tutorials, and that’s what I’m wading through now.

I might not wait until these icons have been finalized to launch the site. After all, there hasn’t been anything tangible on the front I was able to show for far too long. I can blame the skiing holidays and some changed at my day-job for that, but that doesn’t change the outcome : nothing yet.


Much inspiration here, I’ll post samples as I finish them.

WordPress 2.7

A new major release of WordPress, now at version 2.7, has been released. The visitors of your site won’t see much difference (maybe the slight speed improvement while building the pages), but the people using the administrator interface will certainly notice that nothing has remained the same.
Not only has the admin interface changed from a horizontal list of links under the header to some sort of menu on the left-hand of the interface, you also have a better overview of what is going on. The developers (and especially the theme developers) really outdid themselves here in putting as much on the screen while still keeping it readable and reasonably clean.

No connection with BCM4306 on OpenSuSE 11.0

I’ve been trying for several days on and off now, to get the previously working Wifi under OpenSuSE to work, now that I installed the new-and-shiny 11.0. I’ve had some success in the past days, but none of those efforts were reproducable i.e. I couldn’t repeat the actions it seems were needed to get a connection.

On the OpenSuSE forums, it seems there is a bug in the firmware of the Broadcom Wifi Chipset 4306, which fortunately can be fixed. I’ll keep you updated on that. If this should work, that means one of the most difficult things remaining during an installation of a new linux finally will be fixed with native software (bc43 driver instead of a hand-configured ndiswrapper). I’m looking forward to the next installation 🙂

Torque Game Builder (TGB) 1.7 released

GarageGames logoGaragegames seems to be very active at the moment, as only a few months after the 1.6 release, we are spoiled with the 1.7 release.
Looking at the changelog below, I notice the Collision Polygon and the Linkpoint editors, which are the only reasons this is a new release. If it had been only bugfixes, I would have expected a 1.6.1 version.
Continue reading Torque Game Builder (TGB) 1.7 released