OPML Export in Feedly Cloud

Opml-iconThe demise of Google Reader has been a good thing. First of all, it got RSS readers back into the limelight. Second, Google Reader being backed by Google, most people didn’t see it viable to try and develop competition against a Google service. In economics, that’s called a monopoly, and everyone agrees that monopolies stink.

To combat a monopoly, or the dreaded ‘vendor lock-in’ as it is called as well, you need standard data structures to export the relevant info from one service to another. OPML is the format that most RSS feed readers use to store your subscriptions.

Getting your OPML data from Feedly is not hard, but it’s not intuitive where to find the link to click. I had to look for it, so I thought I’d mention it here to save someone else the trouble.

When you have logged in to Feedly cloud, just go to this link : https://cloud.feedly.com/#opml . There, you will find a sparse page with a link “Click here to download your feedly OPML”. Click it, save the file where you can find it in the future, and you’re done.


In recent months, something has been moving in this area, and new RSS reader services have appeared (e.g. Digg), and existing ones have changed and improved (e.g. Feedly).

This OPML export will allow you to check out these different services with a minimum of fuss. Choice is better, and choosing should be fast and easy.

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