New Torque2D tutorial by MakingIndieGames

I just discovered MakingIndieGames, a site dedicated to in-depth tutorials on Torque2D development. MakingIndieGames not only shows you how to do things, but also explains why it is done in a certain way.
Recently, they released their latest Torque2D tutorial – Reflection Grid. For the very low price of $12.50 you get a very detailed PDF tutorial on a shooting game with Torque2D, and a working Demo with source codes. The announcement blog on GarageGames implies that this tutorial will be their last, but I sincerely hope that isn’t the case. We need good tutorials like this one.

Even with the extra effort by GarageGames on documentation, I believe there is a need for multiple providers of documentation. The competition keeps the quality high, and the entire Torque community gains.

Have a look at the other products/tutorials produced by MakingIndieGames at their site.

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