O’reilly deal on Google Analytics ebook

If you’re a casual Google Analytics user, O’Reilly has an interesting offer today on their Deal of the Day site : Google Analytics’ (1st edition). For $9.99, you get the first edition of this book, which describes working with Google Analytics.

In order to obtain the Deal of the Day price, just enter code DDGAE at the checkout page.

Note that in a few weeks, the second edition will come out, updated with descriptions of the many enhancements and changes in Google Analytics during the last year. You’ll be able to get the second edition for the upgrade price of $4.99.

All things considering, I decided to buy the first edition anyway, as it’ll give me a good foundation to start working with the more advanced tools in GA.

When I reach the point where I need more info about the latest features, I’ll upgrade.

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