ImpressCMS Vision Published in Compass

Every organisation should have a clear vision on what it wants to accomplish. Many organisations (companies, open source projects) make a written statement of that vision, to be used as the ultimate test when discussions arise.

The benefit of such a document is clear : every decision can be tested against it, to verify compliance with the end goal. After some internal discussion and fine-tuning, the ImpressCMS is proud to present its Compass to the world. This should give you an idea of what the project stands for, in case it wasn’t clear enough until now.

After some time, the document might need to be adapted of course, but that shouldn’t happen too often.

At ImpressCMS, we’ve been pondering and working on a document that represents the vision of the project. It’s quite hard to find the right balance though : you want to be to-the-point, but you mustn’t go into too much detail. A good check is this one : a vision document wants to describe what you want to accomplish, not how you plan on doing it. You know you’re on the wrong track when you start talking about layout details like “adding a third column to the admin interface”. That’s almost a to-do list, and there are other documents (or applications) for that.

I think Marc-André managed to do that quite well. He’ll be the first one to agree that it isn’t a perfect document, but such things need time to evolve and grow.

The seed has been planted. Let the Compass document evolve and grow. And I plan to see the ImpressCMS project grow and evolve along with it.

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