Bryce3d 7 open beta at Daz 3D

After the merger/takeover between Daz 3d and Gizmoz, many expressed their reservations that the combined companies would continue in the direction the Daz3d community was used to, and was expecting.

Some had doubts about the reason for the merger, specifically because it was indicated that the founder of daz3d would step down after the merger. That, according to them could be seen as a move that Gizmoz was calling the shots, and that Gizmoz only wanted to take over the Daz3d webshop.[ad#Banner-Ad]

There’s a saying in Belgium : “The soup is never eaten as hot as it’s served”, and there is lots of wisdom in these sayings. Yesterday, I received an invitation to join the Bryce3D 7 beta as I have a Bryce3D 6 license. Far from shouting around that all is well now, I think this bodes well for the immediate future.

I hope we get to see a much-needed upgrade on Hexagon, which is more aimed at producing game quality models, which include less polygons, and need some specific tricks to work smoothly in game engines. A Collada exporter might go a long way there, as most game engines nowadays support Collada.

It seems Daz Studio might be used for that, but I’m not sure the link between Hexagon and Daz Studio works very well. I’ll have to check that.

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