Torque3D gets artist version – until end 2009 at $100

torque3d_logoQuite a while after the 1.0 was released, GarageGames’ flagship 3D engine Torque3D now has added a binary-only ‘Artist’ version at $250 to its lineup. And to continue the party, all Torque3D Artist version bought before the end of the year are at the astonishing low price of $100 – just like the original TGE at the very beginning.

If you have $100 (in December), you can start using Torque 3D to make games now.

Due to the big difference in pricing between the former engines and the current offering, demand was rising for a cheaper solution. Especially artists were asking for this, as they would need to buy the full-featured license with source code access, just to be able to create art in the Torque3D environment.

There have been some rumors, and some expertly crafted slips of the tongue by GG (or is it TP -TorquePowered) personnel. All these unofficial messages were talking about a $500 price tag, so this is very good news indeed. A nice christmas present for all those looking into making games both as a hobby or professionally.

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