Torque 3D 1.0 released

Garagegames today released the 1.0 version of the Torque 3D game engine. This comes after several months of open beta testing, where licensees could try out alpha and beta releases of the technology. During that time of beta testing the engine was available at a discount to compensate for the unfinished nature of the technology at the time of the purchase.

Of course, the open beta enabled third-party developers to get their extensions and content packs ready for the official release of the engine. At the moment, many of the high-profile extensions already have a T3D version in the works or available. This ensures that the ecosystem Garagegames wants to create with their engines, is nicely up to speed at the final release of the product.

Major improvements have been seen in each successive beta release, and many bugs have been fixed during the process. I get the feeling that some extra test versions would have been better. There has been a considerable gap between the latest beta 5 and the final 1.0 release. Maybe a RC version to test if the changes done since beta 5 have impacted stability or have introduced regressions.


Since the release announcement, the forums have been steadily filling up with bug reports. The forums are the only way to do bug reports, which is not the most efficient way of working. If Garagegames would continue the current open way of developing, providing access to a bug reporting tool would do wonders. I’m fairly confident that the developers currently use a bug tracking tool. Developing such a complex system without it would be next to impossible. Opening the tool up to developers/users of your product during beta testing would make them happier and would insure that no bugs creep through.

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