Command & Conquer 4 : Tiberian Twilight

Electronic Arts has been drip-feeding information about the upcoming C&C4 for the last few weeks. Some news is puzzling, such as the fact that C&C4 will require a permanent connection to the internet, fueling the suspicions that EA hasn’t learned from the DRM debacle with Spore. Other news is more game-related, and quite more positive for the fans of the series: the subtitle for the latest installment in the series will be ‘Tiberium Twilight’.

cc4That is good news, as that is a title going around in C&C circles since the release of C&C2. The names for the entire series would have been ‘Tiberian Dawn’ (C&C 1), ‘Tiberian Sun’ and ‘Tiberian Twilight’. Of course, that was before Westwood was disbanded, and many years have gone by between Tiberian Sun and C&C3 Tiberian Wars.

The fact that the title was chosen by the fans shows that there is still a large community of first-time fans that know their history. The promotional video on the C&C4 site is a nice opener, as it shows the sorry state of the world, and a good mystery to construct the game story around.

Well, it won’t be here before 2010, so there will be much to speculate about. Let’s hope the other news will be as possible as the name, showing that the fans of the first hour get what they have been waiting for : a worthy conclusion to the RTS series that continues to define the genre.

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