Best wishes from

First of all, I want to wish everybody a very nice Christmas (a few days late) and a Happy New Year (a few days early).

This entire Christmas period has had its influence on the release schedule for, as we’ve been visiting family and doing some special Christmas-time trips (Weinachtsmarkt in Cologne for example). Normally I take a laptop with me to tinker a bit during the trips by train our coach, but this year I decided to leave everything at home, and have a few days without a computer at hand.

The direct consequence of that was of course that progress has slowed because of those other activities, and I’ll try to get the first alpha of working on the first day of the new year. At the moment, I have the basic functionality working. I can see a list of the different models that are available in the database, and I can upload a new model via the publishing page.

For now, the functionality is available, but it’s looking rather plain. I won’t bother with the looks right now, and I’ll flesh out as much of the functionality as I can get ready before the end of the year. I’ll push it on the website and invite people to test it.

Another part of the effort will be content gathering. There are many links to different files already on the garagegames forums. I’ll need to contact the different authors and ask permission to add them to the site, along with their models or other game-related files.

I’m seriously considering getting help at least for that last part, as that will be much work to combine with the initial development. Interested people can always shoot me a mail (in my profile on GG) if they would be interested.