Slick Linux support by Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade

The first episode of Penny Arcade passed my attention without being noticed, which is a shame. I guess I had a period of less exposure to internet, and was preoccupied with work-related stuff. This time however, I noticed the availability of a Linux version for the second episode of Penny Arcade : the Rain-slick precipise of Darkness, and decided to check it out.

Oh boy. I wasn’t disappointed.


Apart from the fact that it is a game that does everything very well, what stood out for me was the quality of the Linux support. I’ve been ignoring Linux development for a while because it was, at that time, too time-intensive. I might have to look again. No special configurations, no glitches, just nice playtime.

I must say : chapeau! (that’s french 😉 ) I for one will be buying the game (for linux) immediately after I’ve finished some lingering work I really need to finish. I really hope many others do too, as it is money well spent.