No WPA with bcm4306 on OpenSuSE 11.0

A few days ago, there was a newly released version of the OpenSuSE kernel available in my update list. After download and installation, my bcm4306 wifi adapter was finding multiple broadcasted signals with associated networks. Sadly, it seems that encryption support isn’t yet working in this configuration, as I can’t seem to connect with my secured network at home.

We do have a fonera router (the 2100A version) which provides next to the encrypted network, also a non-encrypted network which requires a login. For the moment, my wireless needs can be covered with the FON network link, but I would really like to use the encrypted network as I am currently using the wireless link for e-banking and work-related stuff.

It might simply be an incompatibility between the versions of the kernel driver for the wifi adapter and the wpa_supplicant provided with OpenSuSE, but I haven’t had the time to rule that out yet. I’ll keep searching this, and try to find a solution or a cause (as a prelude to a solution, hopefully).

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