TGB 1.7 stability issues

Yesterday I was looking at some free moments, and decided to start with the Breakout tutorial on the Torque Developer Network, to get the hang of the workflow one needs to use TGB 1.7. The ultimate goals is still to get a project to its conclusion, and a tutorial seems the best way to familiarize myself with TGB during the time in which the requirements of the first project are refined.

I was fairly well prepared. I downloaded the trial version of Torsion and still have the latest version of CodeWeaver on my development box. I wanted to see which of the two was most adapted to my way of doing things.

Sadly, when importing the JPEG images in one of the first steps of the tutorial, TGB utterly crashed. I’m curious that this happened. It was a clean install of TGB 1.7.2, the latest bugfix release. I’m a bit dissapointed that the import of JPG images led to a crash in a second bugfix release, but it’s perhaps too soon to complain about buggy software. I should be trying the same sequence of interactions with the program again for a few times, and check if I can reproduce the crashes. Who knows, it might be my first bug-report for Torque whoooohooo :-).

I’m ashamed to say that I got a bit discouraged, and fired up a session of Cossacks : Back to War. Maybe this weekend, I’ll try a rematch.

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