Indie Adventurers

And now for something totally different: adventure games. I’ve been introduced to computer gaming, like an entire generation, by the means of the adventure games made at that time by Sierra Inc and LucasArts. Many will have fond memories of The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and the likes.

Several different Adventure engines have seen the light of day, among which the most known are Sludge, MAD, AGS, The Wintermute Engine and Agast. Of these engines, only MAD was open source, and hasn’t seen much development or maintenance in the last 2 years. Given the fact that Sourceforge made some changes to their infrastructure, the parts of the MAD Project website that relied on PHP or mySQL aren’t functioning any more.

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Fortunately, a new Open Source opportunity has presented itself recently : OpenSLUDGE. Based upon the Sludge engine, this is the latest source opened up by the creator of SLUDGE. At the moment, there is not much moving over at the new home. Trying to compile the source code wasn’t successful, and the initial author is aware of that. Some work needs to be done before this is transformed into the new reference for open-source adventure gaming.

I’ll be looking at the above-mentioned engines in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes out for more content.

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