Caligari gameSpace group buy

Based upon the foundations of Caligari trueSpace, Caligari gameSpace aims to be a version of the popular 3D modeling tool that is aimed specifically towards game artists (as the name clearly implies). The gameSpace package contains a number of specific tools towards that end:

  • Polygon reducer
  • MAP export
  • First Person perspective modeling (model the level while walking around in it)
  • game-related import and export file format support.

The good news is that Caligari is organising a Group Buy. They gather as much people as possible, and the more people buy gameSpace, the lower the price will become.

Order Caligari gameSpace

Actually, the price stands at $129, and it could go all the way down to $99 if enough people step in. Considering the full price is $299, it’s actually quite a good bargain.

Some of these are directly interesting for Torque Engine owners. Sadly, I don’t know of any support for DTS yet, so this might be only a partial solution.
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I got notified of this opportunity by the Torque Forums, so there is a possibility that some people using Torque start using gameSpace for level building and so forth. That might help in getting the proper support for this package.

For those wanting to test the product first before buying, consider downloading the gameSpace Light version. It is sadly based on the previous version of gameSpace, but is should give a good feel of the way of working of hte 1.6 version actually on sale.

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