Torque Game Builder (TGB) 1.7 released

GarageGames logoGaragegames seems to be very active at the moment, as only a few months after the 1.6 release, we are spoiled with the 1.7 release.
Looking at the changelog below, I notice the Collision Polygon and the Linkpoint editors, which are the only reasons this is a new release. If it had been only bugfixes, I would have expected a 1.6.1 version.

Official Change Log:

– New Collision Polygon Editor
– New Linkpoint Editor
– New method: t2dSceneObject.mountToLinkpoint, lets you mount directly to a linkpoint if you already have its LinkpointID (be careful, linkpointIDs aren’t necessarily the same as the index of the linkpoint)
– New method: t2dSceneObject.getAllMountedChildren, returns a list of all of the objects that are mounted to this object
– New method: t2dSceneObject.getChildrenOfLinkpoint, returns all objects mounted to object at a particular linkpointID
– Can create t2dShapeVector objects from the Create pane (look for the “Polygon” type in the “Other” rollout of the create pane — also, be careful when using the “fill” options on these polygons, only convex polygons are guaranteed to render correctly when you have the “fill” option set)
– New editor for creating t2dShapeVector objects
– New utility function: t2dAngleToPoint
– Added support for a new type of behavior field: “polygon”
– Bug fix: t2dSceneWindow’s getCurrentCameraArea and getCurrentCameraSize methods now return the current size directly, without modifying it
– Bug fix: t2dTextObject size no longer arbitrarily add 1.0 to width of text objects, so text objects widths work better for very small text object sizes
– Bug fix: Now able to delete any linkpoint, regardless of whether or not there is another sceneobject located at the linkpoint’s world position

I have been unable to do any further work on my Linux porting efforts, but I’ll try to get back up to speed with the TGB 1.5.1 version, to be able to use the Adventure Kit. Porting 1.6 and 1.7 to Linux should start from there.

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