Distribute 3 Fonera’s for free (even free shipping)

You might have noticed by older posts here that I am a member of the FON community. That means I offer the ability to other FON members to use my wireless access point in exchange for access to theirs when I happen to be in the vicinity. FON is backed by Skype and Google (for obvious reasons I would say), and has created a router for their own network about a year ago called the Fonera.

I guess, with the Fonera+ around the corner, there are still shitloads of Fonera’s available, and now they are giving them away for free. Really free, as you don’t even have to pay the shipping costs. I ordered mine today, and I know exactly where I will send them. I know some friends that have not yet succumbed to the Wifi temptation. Time to let them sweat 😉

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